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{February 4, 2006}   Wowowee Stampede

A lot of people were killed at Ultra this morning. It’s all over the news. BBC, CNN, GMA, and ABS-CBN itself. It’s really sad because no one was expecting this. It’s Wowowee’s first anniversary special.

Over 79 people were killed and most of them were old women. 201 were injured and lots of people missing. :-( Can you believe this? Argh!

I feel sad. Especially when I was watching the news. The people who went there was supposed to have fun and was expecting a lot of surprises from the show.

They still don’t know what’s the cause of the stampede.

I hope everything will be okay by tomorrow.

More info about the stampede.




{February 3, 2006}   DESPARATE

Some girl keeps on sending messages if the ‘R Twins’ if one of them can go with her at the prom and she was giving nonsense excuses. Seriously, I don’t know anything about her. But I envy her for having the courage to ask something like that and it’s a little bit weird. It’s very weird and not nice! 

Okay. The ‘R Twins’ are celebrities here. Some of girls like them because they’re cute and talented. But look around.. There are lots of cuties out there. Cuter than the twins.

I know a lot of girls asking for the numbers of the celebrities but I never knew that someone would actually ask me to ask the twins. 


I feel so sorry for them.

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