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{March 22, 2006}   Adam B.

I don’t know what to type/put here. anyway, while I was surfing the net I saw Adam Brody’s picture. And oh my… he’s so sexy/handsome. :P


Adam Brody.. Oh Lala.. :P


I’m going crazy. Lol.


{March 17, 2006}   Hello World. (:

Finally, I am almost done with my modules. Now, I can finally breathe again. Lol.  I’m going to be studying in a regular school this year and I can’t wait? Hmm.

It’s going to be hard for me. Staying in school and meeting new people –friends, classmates, and teachers-. Ugh! I am not good at making new friends. Tsk!

I have to be optimistic. Well, good luck to me.

Oh.. Hello World! Lol.

{March 11, 2006}   Top 12 (American Idol 5)

 The Top 6 Girls:

Kellie Pickler
Kathrine McPhee
Lis Tucker
Melissa McGhee
Paris Bennet

The Top 6 Boys:

Kevin Covias
Taylor Hicks
Elliot Yamin
Christ Daughtry
Bucky Covington
Ace Young

Here is the Top 12.

I’m a little disappointed because Patrick, Jose “Sway” Penala, and Ayla aren’t in the Top 12. I wish they didn’t get voted-off. :-( Is there still a chance that there will be a “wildcard” this season? I hope so. Or maybe someone might quit. Lol.

I can’t believe Kevin Covias and Ace Young are in the Top 12. I think Patrick and Sway are better than them. (In my opinion) Well, at least Christ Daughtry, Elliot Yamin, Katherine McPhee, and Taylor Hicks are in the Top 12! So I still might watch American Idol.

Go Elliot! Make me proud! Lol. :-D

{February 4, 2006}   Wowowee Stampede

A lot of people were killed at Ultra this morning. It’s all over the news. BBC, CNN, GMA, and ABS-CBN itself. It’s really sad because no one was expecting this. It’s Wowowee’s first anniversary special.

Over 79 people were killed and most of them were old women. 201 were injured and lots of people missing. :-( Can you believe this? Argh!

I feel sad. Especially when I was watching the news. The people who went there was supposed to have fun and was expecting a lot of surprises from the show.

They still don’t know what’s the cause of the stampede.

I hope everything will be okay by tomorrow.

More info about the stampede.



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